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International properties aren’t such a foreign concept on the Sunshine Coast

‘Bon Wei’ French country cottages, and Benvenuto to Italian ‘villa di lusso’.

We know that life is for living and seeing the world and experiencing everything that it has to offer is a dream come true.

Villa Prestige Properties have taken our ability to match buyers with a property for sale internationally.

Now you don’t have to go to another company for your international property needs, we have a selection of international real estate as well as Australian properties that will get you reaching for your passport.

Whether you are looking for a ‘villetta’ nestled amongst the olive trees and romanticism of Italy, or you are looking for French retreat with picturesque views of the countryside, Villa prestige Properties on the Sunshine Coast can assist.

Real Connections, Real Estate

We have a large network of contacts that we work with internationally, and with a finger on the pulse of the International property market, we can help you find your Australian property as well as your International property retreat.

Consultation is Key

When you come to Villa Prestige Properties on the Sunshine Coast, we believe a thorough consultation is key to getting the best results. We work in partnership with our clients, and we really try to get into the psyche of our buyers so we can pair you with the best International property. We want to hear your hopes, dreams, needs and wants so we can deliver the best real estate that truly fits with you and the lifestyle you are trying to achieve.

Luxury international properties that will make you reach for your passport

Buying International property as a foreigner does have its red tape and limitations, but after speaking with Villa Prestige Properties you’ll be able to make an informed decision about how to move forward with all the facts presented to you.

We have a plethora of international properties, and a wealth of knowledge, you can be assured that you are in good hands when it comes to realising your dream of acquiring a luxury international property.

End-to-End Real Estate Agency

The process is quite simple when you deal with Villa Prestige Properties on the Sunshine Coast, once we’ve discussed your needs we simply guide you through the process, through our wide range of contacts and connections we will assure you a seamless process from start to finish. Your luxury international real estate property could be just a phone call away.

Stop Dreaming and Start Looking

 If you’re looking for countries drenched in rich history and culture, the Mediterranean lifestyle is calling you. Why wait when Villa Prestige Properties can make your dream come true? Buying an international property has never been easier.

Stop dreaming of beautiful Olive gardens, siestas, and long lunches in Parisian cafés, and talk to the expert real estate agents at Villa Prestige Properties. Where luxury real estate is our standard.

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