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What you need to know about buying a commercial property on the Sunshine Coast

Whether you are looking for your next retail property, or you’re planning on becoming the host or hostess of a luxury hotel, Villa Prestige Properties on the Sunshine Coast can assist with finding the right commercial property for your needs.

Commercial Property with a Sea Change

Sydney and Melbourne have been very much in the spotlight in recent years because of their property boom, but as both markets reach saturation people are starting to look elsewhere to invest in real estate. As people turn their attention away from the unviable major capitals, they’re looking for more of a lifestyle purchase.

Away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney and Melbourne, but with Brisbane on its doorstep we are seeing a new growth sector on the Sunshine Coast.

The Sunshine Coast is offering investors the chance of a sea change, with the beaches, countryside, and the city all on their doorstep, the Sunshine Coast is a growth region for both domestic and commercial properties.

As money is poured into infrastructure, and unemployment continues to fall in the area, it seems the stronger economy is bringing with it great investment opportunities for people looking for sound financial gains, commercial property with potential for growth, and all with the bonus of a lifestyle change.

Major projects on the Sunshine Coast

As infrastructure continues to be implemented into the Sunshine Coast, more and more jobs are being created, and the economy is flourishing. Below are just a few of the major projects happening on the Sunshine Coast.

The Sunshine Plaza expansion is not only providing the Sunshine Coast with the ultimate shopping experience, it brings with it 5,200 jobs in construction and retail.

The expansion of the Sunshine Coast airport will mean easier access for both domestic and international visitors; we could be seeing a completely different kind of FOFO work as a result, as people fly in and fly out of the Sunshine Coast to work around Australia but retreat back for the weekend. As the tourists have easier access, it will provide a big boost to the economy.

The Bruce Highway’s expansion and upgrade will be complete by 2020, making the Sunshine Coast more accessible.

As the new state-of-the-art Sunshine Coast hospital is opened, it not only provides the region with access to top-quality healthcare, but it also creates 4,600 jobs.

The Light Rail Project again makes the Sunshine Coast more accessible but also brings with it 9,000 jobs and a $3.6 billion contribution to the economy.

Commercial Property with a Healthy Return on Investment

When you are looking for a commercial property that will provide healthy financial returns, the region in a period of exponential growth provides so much opportunity.

Are you wanting a commercial property to lease out? Perhaps you are looking to relocate your business, or start a new business on the Sunshine Coast? Talk to the specialists at Villa Prestige, we believe the Sunshine Coast is a savvy investment that has long-term growth potential.

Commercial Properties with an Enviable Lifestyle

The warmer climate has long been an attraction for people to move to the Sunshine Coast, but with all the additional infrastructure being put in place, the Sunshine Coast is becoming the whole package. When you want a healthy return on investment, a commercial property that has major long-term growth potential, talk to Villa Prestige, and enjoy great value for money, opportunities, and an enviable lifestyle.

Real Estate with Real Attention to Detail

At Villa Prestige Properties on the Sunshine Coast, we take the time to understand our clients and their commercial properties, so we know each of our listings inside and out. We know the devil is in the detail, and whether you are looking for a commercial property to buy, or you are selling a commercial property, we ensure that the process is as seamless as possible.

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