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Villa Luxury Leasing is a specialist agency created to provide property owners and investors with a unique personalised service and superior level of expertise.

We understand that your luxury investment property is a significant asset and that as the owner your principal objective is to maximise your return and capital appreciation.

Overseeing every aspect of your property will be a dedicated leasing specialist with expert knowledge of your local area, purpose trained and fully conversant with the Residential Tenancies Act and changes to legislation.

We will not only keep you updated and informed about the ongoing management of your property, but will ensure that given the boutique nature of our agency, that your property is looked after as if it were our own.

We aim to set new industry standards for service, and exceed the expectations of each and every client.

Jocelyn Cooper
Leasing Specialist
Villa Luxury Leasing


Suite of First Class Services

At Villa Luxury Leasing we offer a comprehensive suite of services, designed for your benefit.
Our suite of services and benefits include:

• Dedicated Investment Portfolio Managers who are specialists in the luxury marketplace
• Dedicated investment adviser and single point of contact
• Online access 24 hours a day to your owner statements
• Online access 24 hours a day to your income and expenditure reports
• Detailed end of financial year income and expenditure reports
• Annual rental reviews of your investment
• Online maintenance reporting system
• A team of qualified and licensed trades people to complete any property repairs
• Online tenancy application process
• Stringent tenant selection with thorough reference checks
• Access to a large executive and relocation agent database
• Regular periodic inspections with detailed landlord reports
• Service offered to pay all utilities and rates on your behalf
• Sophisticated computerised Property Management accounts system
• Monthly account payments made direct to your nominated bank account
• Daily rental arrears control and monitoring
• Internationally recognised and award winning marketing
• Professional photography and copywriting service to best showcase your investment
• High exposure internet strategies with listings on Australia's most trafficked sites
• Thorough knowledge of Residential Tenancies Act and relevant legislation
• Expert and experienced representation for any tribunal matters

Our Aim

The expert services of Villa Luxury Leasing will ensure you can have total peace of mind knowing that your investment is in safe hands. Our aim is to ensure all of our valued clients:

• Maximise the income potential of their investment
• Receive expert advice on maintaining their investment
• Are informed of market trends and kept abreast of market changes
• Minimise the vacancy periods of your investment
• Provide cost effective and high impact marketing solutions
• Continue to provide award winning service

When you entrust your investment to Villa Luxury Leasing, the one Investment Portfolio Manager will liaise, market and negotiate the rental and lease terms on your behalf. It's one point of contact throughout the entire process.

We strive for perfection and offer a unique personalised service with high attention to detail.

Service Level Standards

At Villa Luxury Leasing it is important that we exceed your expectations. We have therefore established minimum levels of service delivery to ensure your peace of mind.

Our leasing and property managers are committed to our set level of standards including;

• Minimum standards on marketing your property for lease
• Minimum standards on leasing your property
• Minimum standards on rental collection
• Minimum standards on payment of rental monies received
• Minimum standards for repairs and maintenance
• Minimum standards for tenancy agreement renewals
• Minimum standards for preforming periodic inspections
• Minimum standards for when the tenant vacates the property
• Minimum standards for paying property outgoings
• Minimum standards for providing rental statements
• Minimum standards for communicating information to you
• Minimum standards for complaint handling
• Minimum standards for providing documentation
• Minimum standards for handling personal information
• Minimum standards for honesty and professional practise
• Minimum standards for attendance of appointments
• Minimum standards in communicating with your tenants

For a copy of our full service level standards, and to see how these can ensure your peace of mind, contact us on 1300 885 095.

Your Luxury Leasing Specialists

Overseeing every aspect of your investment properties is a dedicated Investment Portfolio Manager with expert knowledge of the local area, purpose trained and fully conversant with the Residential Tenancies Act.

From stringently screening all tenancy applications to preparing the lease agreement, compiling the detailed condition report and performing the routine inspections every six months to check if any maintenance is required, and tenant is caring for you property.

Your Investment Portfolio Manager will also conduct regular rent reviews, so you can be assured you are receiving a rental figure consistent with the market, and arrange a timely lease renewal when required.

Landlord Online Access 24 Hours a Day

At Villa Luxury Leasing we have implemented specialist software to streamline our property management activities and provide optimal service to our clients.

The software enables us to provide timely electronic owner statements, SMS text reminders to tenants, automated electronic banking and easy management reporting.

Our system will also provide you with access to your statements online 24 hours a day through our website. You and your tenants are able to view historic statements of current properties managed, together with payment dates, balances and even submit online maintenance requests.

Through this Villa Luxury Leasing is able to provide industry leading service with unparalleled access to up to date and accurate information on your investment.

An Enviable Database of Clientele

Throughout the years Villa has built an enviable database of exclusive clientele. From the dozens of transactions each year to our vast business and social connections, our database encompasses a wide cross sections of Australia's, and the worlds high net-worth, influential and high profile individuals.

When leasing luxury investment properties in Australia you are certainly targeting an exclusive niche market. Through the utilisation of Villa's extensive database, this places your investment directly in the hands of potential tenants in a highly cost effective manner.

Villa Luxury Leasing has extensive contacts with a few of the key markets that will assist in the leasing, and continued strength of your investment property, these include:

• The Relocation Industry
• International Corporations
• The Banking Sector
• Consulates
• Australian Expatriates

Long term corporate clients provide valuable tenancy opportunities, and therefore it is important to ensure that the relevant details of your investment property are forwarded to these networks, for their consideration.

Stringent Tenant Selection

We maintain exceptionally high standards when it comes to selecting tenants to recommend to you as our valued client.

Stringent checks are conducted through nationwide databases and all previous rental, business and personal references are verified and employment details confirmed.
These databases include that of Trading Reference Australia (TRA) which is a national database containing information regarding both defaulting and excellent rental property tenants. The Trading Reference Australia database is provided to review the tenancy history of individuals and corporations applying for the rental of a property.

We also understand the importance of completing a thorough and detailed condition report of the property at this stage also. This will provide a base standard for the ongoing upkeep of your property to help ensure your property is kept in premium condition.

Regular and Thorough Inspections

Routine inspections are carried out at six-monthly intervals to ensure that the tenant selected is maintaining the property to our standards and to note any maintenance issues that may have arisen.

Our clients will be immediately notified of any maintenance and or repairs required. Any necessary work is carried out by Villa Luxury Leasing approved suppliers, within the cost limit you have authorised, and will at all times be project managed by your Investment Portfolio Manager.

Annual Rental Reviews

Villa Luxury Leasing is committed to ensuring your investment is providing you an optimal return. We therefore will provide you with an annual rental review each year included with our management service.

With the rental market ever changing and rental properties in higher demand than ever it is imperative to ensure that your investment maintains a high return while balancing the need to keep quality long term tenants.

Your Investment Portfolio Manager will keep you abreast of market developments, together with an annual rental review report to keep you updated, and help you make informed decisions relating to your investment property.

Monthly Client Payments

Rental income is deposited directly into your nominated bank account. Should a rent payment become overdue we'll chase it up with reminder calls, written advice and SMS messages.

Payments are made on the first business day of each month, where you will also receive a detailed statement of account, or you can access this online via our website 24 hours a day, at your convenience.

Successful Property Marketing

At Villa Luxury Leasing we specifically tailor each marketing campaign to suit the individual property and budget of our clients.

We use the Coast's finest and most recognised property photographers and retouchers, who are personally briefed to ensure each of your investment properties most salient features are accurately reproduced in all forms of media advertising.

Our media adverts are not only high impacting and luxuriously simple in design, they are award winning, and have an emphasis of best showcasing luxury homes.

Website Marketing & Internet Strategy

At Villa Luxury Leasing every client receives access to a worldwide audience through an extensive internet campaign. We subscribe to the country's largest and most highly trafficked sites, and with more Australians than ever searching for property online it has never been more important.

Your property will have an exclusive listing with priority placement, copy and professional images on;


When listed by Villa Luxury Leasing your individual property's website can also be found through many other real estate sections on the following major sites:


With this combination of the country's major websites to drive traffic and exposure to your property, you have an unparalleled internet presence to source you more prospective tenants and minimise any vacancies.